Written and Narrated by Austin Harrington

Edited by Sam Warner

Produced by Drew Meyers

“Some people have no idea how good their body was designed to feel”

Pain, restriction, and injury used to be a frequent part of my daily life. I had back and shoulder pain nearly every day. With the addition of pliability training and proper hydration, the pain is now gone. I am no longer restricted from doing the things I love, and pushing my body to the fullest each day. 

Myofascial release (the principal goal of pliability training), is an historic form of healing, most commonly seen in massage. In today’s advanced society, the amazing restorative benefits of a deep tissue massage are more available than ever. We don’t have to accept common pain as apart of a training program or result of an athletic career – we can move and feel better! 

As always, I am not a licensed practitioner or doctor – please do your own research. Pliability sessions have been game changing in my life, I really believe it can do the same for you!

Source: https://aoglifeofpassion.com/2019/08/25/article-two-pliability/

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