Attitude Of Gratitude is a place of positivity. Where thankful individuals come to share their knowledge and experiences to help impact others.

Austin Harrington


           The things I enjoy most in this world are spending time goofing around with the people I love, anything golf related from playing the game to running a facility, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, connecting with other inspired and driven people, being active, going to Zedd concerts whenever I get a chance (don’t even really like EDM he is just amazing), and of course a smooth glass of red wine. I will be forever chasing the sun.

           The reason I wake up in the morning and my ‘why’ is pretty simple. I strive to shine a positive and inspirational light on the people around me while relentlessly pursuing the best version of myself possible. I was lost for 21 years of life. My identity was in a sport I didn’t truly care about, my habits and diet left me feeling constantly fatigued, and I was unfulfilled in my life. After 4 years of change, growth, and experimenting, I am finally unbecoming everything that I wasn’t meant to be, to be more true to the person I am.

           Oh, and what I do most days is work as a Golf Professional. I live in Minnesota during the summers and then head south for the winter. I’m in the PGA program (basically grad school for golf) to become a member of the PGA. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas majoring in Business Entrepreneurship, and went to Minnetonka High School in MN. A top business goal of mine is to some day own a facility that is a Golf Country Club combined with essentially Lifetime Fitness. This would be a welcoming place where people can enjoy the game, train and work on their fitness, and be presented with all things health & wellness.

April Harrington

Co-Founder, Creative Director

           I love to laugh and make people laugh and I would pretty much describe myself as a huge goof. I love hiking, travel, yoga, spending time on the water, going to Zedd concerts with stinz, and brunch. Basically anything that involves chatting with friends and family, and good food. 

           Staying positive and radiating light is something I am very passionate about. I think it’s easy to get bogged down in the darkness of the world, but putting emphasis on the mundane, everyday moments that make you happy is extremely important. Whether thats stopping at starbs for a coffee on Monday morning or hiking an insane trail for the view at the top, its the small moments of gratitude and beauty that make this world so great.  

           I just graduated from Villanova in May 2018 (go cats), majoring in biology with a minor in race and ethnic relations. I’m not sure what I’m doing with my degree yet, but I’m very interested in environmental conservation, medicine, social justice, sustainability, biomedical research, along with many other things I haven’t quite nailed down. For now, I want to travel and enjoy each day without all the anxieties about the future. 

Andrew Weber

Sam Warner

Business Directors, Content Creators

           Andrew is always smiling and just a downright enjoyable person to be around. He appreciates a good time, whether its playing cards and enjoying a summer bonfire with best friends, golfing with the squad, fishing mainly for its reflective and relaxing purposes, or pursuing his goal of traveling to all 50 states and 20+ countries. He also enjoys being active, specifically through his lifetime passion for baseball, as he plays on a town ball team in the summers with Sam.

           One of his main goals in life is to be an influential father and leader, just like his dad. He enjoys making connections with people who will broaden his perspective and help him grow. For the past few years Andrew has a newly found passion in health and wellness. He’s become a big believer in intermittent fasting, not only for the physical improvements but mostly for the mental benefits.

           Andy is currently working at 3M as a pricing analyst, a company he appreciates. He graduated UST with a degree in finance, and is always trying to strengthen his knowledge in the financial world. He is open to any form of information whether it’s listening to a podcast, hearing tips and tricks about investing, or ways he can save for his future little webby jr.s college fund. At AOG Andrew will be the man in charge of business development to support our mission.

           Sam is a high-energy guy who thrives when around people. He enjoys a positive environment and can hold a conversation with the best of them, especially if it involves sports or business. You can find Sam playing baseball with Andrew on their summer ball team, running pick up basketball games at 6 AM with the early morning crew, and golfing with the boys until it’s too dark to see the ball.  He also enjoys a great ski trip, cabin weekend, or golf vacation with his family and friends. 

           Since college Sam has adopted intermittent fasting and a healthier lifestyle. He has found resurgence in his interest in fitness, and is always looking for ways to become more productive. He really owns each day whether it’s a Tuesday or Saturday, as he strives to live in the moment and enjoy his daily life, instead of living for the weekend. 

           He currently works at Brooksource in sales, a job he appreciates because of the young work environment, his humorous and friendly co-workers, and the healthy competition that drives him to be better. Sam has always talked about running his own business, and is excited to be apart of the AOG journey. He will help steer the ship with a focus on content creation, business development, and editing.