“The key to mastering oneself; is to mastering the body”

I just cringe when I hear about a person who is sore or injured because they were working out for over an hour, doing some barbell back squats, and heavy power cleans. The only people who should be doing intense stressful exercises are athletes and competitive lifters. Lets exercise to feel better, have more energy, and move better throughout the day, not to need two days on the couch to recover. The ultimate goal of fitness should be to make us the best/healthiest available version of ourselves for the day ahead. Mastering the body has nothing to with 0% body fat or lifting heavy weights.
It is essential to workout in the morning. Move your body and sweat before the day’s tasks get in your way and wear you down. Physical fitness releases dopamine and blocks cortisol (the stress hormone) in your brain, so an early workout is perfect for preparing your mind and body to dominate the day! 
Set a goal in the gym. Move with a purpose and have a game plan for your sessions. Attention females, lifting weights does not make you bulky. Guys, yoga is not just for skinny women, it’s for everyone. For the men over age 60, muscle will be your armor. Studies are showing that muscle mass is a key component in decreasing aging and extending lifespan. This article will be more about the health benefits of fitness as well as daily tips/habits you can implement!