“The five causes of disease are environmental toxins, infections/allergies, genetics, stress, and FOOD. Food is by far the biggest at about 90%”

This article will not be another guide on what to eat, it will be more of an eye opening overview of the food industry and the foods/supplements that make me feel good. I am not a nutritionist but through my studies eating healthy seems pretty simple, just hard to actually do. Nutrition is by far the most important factor to a healthy and long life, but hard to adapt in our society today due to convince, price, and lack of knowledge. Corporation’s and government agencies control the marketing of our food, so please don’t buy into the food industries hypnosis of processed and chemically induced “foods”. Eat real food. Eat food that comes from the earth, not a lab. I understand we all have our financial barriers, but I am by no means a wealthy person with a private chef. You only get one body and if you think wellness is expensive, then try out illness.

My diet is comprised of mainly organic and plant based food. It is what makes me feel healthy and energized, and is one of the main reasons I haven’t gotten sick in the last two years. I stick to a mainly fat and protein based diet, eating greens, fruits, lean meats, nuts, and low carbohydrates. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals is essential as it will help ensure our body is functioning with everything we need. This article will be the most in depth and detailed of them all. I can’t wait to share it with you!