“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”

Pliability training is similar to a deep tissue massage, but with focused movement and a concentrated mind. The goal of pliability training is targeted deep force muscle work to soften and lengthen your muscles while at the same time rhythmically contracting and relaxing them. Pliability training is similar to stretching, as the goal of stretching is to lengthen your muscles right? Pliability sessions are much more effective than stretching as it not only lengthens your muscles (up to 4x more effectively than stretching), but also softens them. It not only increases your mobility and flexibility, but also increases blood flow in your body and decreases inflammation.

Hydration is so unbelievably important and by far the easiest thing to do when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, simply drink water. Your body and brain work so much more efficiently when hydrated. Hydration and pliability work together, as it is hard for a muscle to be bendy and mobile without hydration. Imagine a piece of beef jerky; a supple, smooth, and bendy piece of jerky is similar to a pliable and hydrated muscle. Compared to a dry, hard, crusty, easily breakable piece of beef jerky, similar to a dehydrated and stiff muscle.

Pliability sessions paired with proper hydration is the major reason I am able to wake up at 5 am and lift weights, head to work for 8 hours on my feet consistently moving, and then get on the course and play/practice golf for 4 hours. It is the reason that Tom Brady says at age 40 he feels that he is in the best shape of his entire life, feels better than at 25, even AFTER playing professional football for 18 years. One of my all time favorite players Brett Favre at 40 could barley walk… So what’s the difference? Brady attributes his longevity to pliability sessions, hydration, and nutrition. This article isn’t just for the athlete; it’s for the average person who wants to enjoy an active life pain free. I don’t know about you, but I want to live life with the smallest amount of pain and injury, and not just when I’m 25, but also when I’m 50. This article will definitely help your body feel better and more relaxed, so that you can enjoy your everyday life!