Ladies and Gentlemen, as most of you know, I have become infatuated with fasting and nutrition. Over the past few years I have experienced the benefits of time restricted eating, and it has changed my life. Since this style of eating has not only helped myself, but also most of my friends and family, I wanted to do a challenge to get some tangible feedback. This challenge is a controlled experiment to see how people will feel, enjoy, and react to a few weeks of consistent intermittent fasting, paired with a few simple dietary rules. Additionally, this is a great way to create accountability in daily life – to have a reason to finish the fast or avoid the junk food. If you do decide to commit to the challenge, I ask that you give it a real try. Your feedback and experience is invaluable to me!

Those who complete the challenge will receive a free AOG T-Shirt. We will also randomly select two lucky winners to receive $50 gift cards to chipotle. The only entry criteria are being able to successfully complete the challenge and providing feedback to the final thoughts.

*It is important to note that I am not a registered dietitian or medical doctor. This challenge is strictly research based, and does not follow the exact guidelines laid out by the FDA, HHS, or USDA. If you have a disease, health issue, or are looking for dietary advise – please refer to a registered dietitian or nutritionist. By doing this challenge you are taking all liability for any potential health risks. Please listen to your body and do not follow this challenge if it is causing any negative health problems.


Only consume water, black coffee, and green tea during fasting period. I recommend you drink a lot of liquids, especially water. 


  • 3 workouts per week (Weight or resistance training
  • 3 servings Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day
  • 3 cups of green vegetables per day
  • 6 glasses of dry red wine per week (no more than 2 glasses per day)
  • Minimal Grains & Processed Carbs
  • TRY—Sweet Potato & Quinoa
  • AVOID — Oatmeal, chips, & toasts
  • Limit Sugar + No Processed Sugar 
  • TRY — fruit & organic/cacao-based chocolate 
  • AVOID— Candy, juices, soda, and sugary protein bars


Fasting – If you don’t know why we would want periods of fasting – please refer to my article or one of the sources attached to the article. But basically, the main goal of restricting timing of food is to understand food cravings, to allow our bodies the proper time to digest food and utilize energy, to create a caloric deficit (a key component of long living people), and most importantly; to create a sustainable lifestyle that will give us consistent energy and health as we age. 

Reset day – A 24 hour fast once or twice a week is recommended by many top fasting experts, as it dramatically increases overall health. The extended absence from food allows your body to clean and recycle its damaged parts, while also creating a caloric deficit. 

Early Dinner – Dr. Steven Gundry calls these early dinner days brainwash days. He states in his recent book The Longevity Paradox, that when we go to sleep without having eaten, we give our body time to clean and fully cycle blood through our brain. Dr. Gundry recommends his clients skip dinner two days a week. This brain tip is interesting and intuitive – we are going to give it a try. 

Free Day – I used to be a big cheat day guy. But over the years I have learned that unfortunately you cant get healthy by eating unhealthy. With that said, there are some intriguing studies about the benefits of short period, high caloric intake. These benefits primarily influence the metabolism, hormones, and mental state. It is helpful mentally to enjoy your favorite foods from time to time, so on the free day, make sure you eat some of those foods. Processed sugars are the only exception. I still recommend eating real, unprocessed foods, but enjoy the day and make sure to load your body with calories. 

Diet – The main goal of this challenge is to understand the affects of time restricted feeding, but there are a few dietary principles we will follow during this time. The two keys as mentioned above are minimal grains or “gluten,” as well as limiting sugar intake. Personally, I follow a diet high in healthy fats and vegetables – foods like avocados, leafy greens, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios, olive oil, eggs, sweet potato, and plant based or grass fed protein options. The bottom line is to ideally eat real, unprocessed food when available!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – One of the healthiest sources of fat in the world, olive oil is loaded with prebiotics and polyphenols. It is medicine for your gut microbiome – helping the body actually absorb probiotics and nutrients. It also makes me feel satiated very quickly. 3 servings a day is a minimum requirement.

Wine – Dry red wine has antioxidants as well as gut biome benefits. Additionally, drinking wine with or after dinner helps us transition away from wanting to consume more food, giving us something to do instead of reaching for dessert. Drinking wine is not allowed while fasting – it must be during your eating window. If you don’t drink alcohol, please don’t start for this challenge.

Alcohol – It would be ideal to do this challenge in the absence of alcohol, but I understand that goal may not be feasible. As stated above, one glass of red wine each night is recommended, but please limit additional alcohol to liquor with club soda or with water. If you can manage, avoid beer at all costs. Finally, outside of red wine, please track the amount of alcohol and frequency, in order for us to adjust feedback and results. 


Thanksgiving is the same schedule as a free day! Enjoy the day!

If you have to shorten a fasting block once or twice, or don’t get the full serving of olive oil one day, that does not mean you fail the challenge. A couple of small misses are okay – simply make note of them so we are able to adjust feedback and results. With that being said, if you skip an entire fast, never workout, or eat a substantial amount of junk food – you have failed the challenge.  

I know the Monday reset day will be tough for some. You can do this! The health benefits of a 24-hour fast are immense. 

Tag me on Instagram during the challenge!! When you are feeling good, finish a fast, or are sluggin down some veggies – let me know about it!

For those who aren’t adjusted to fasting, it will take some time to switch the way the body functions. Hydrate, drink coffee or tea, and focus on completing important tasks during your fast. 

I want to sincerely thank you for giving this challenge a try. Whether or not you finish the challenge isn’t as important as the fact that you took the leap to start it. Good luck to you, and stick with it – I really believe it can help you feel and live better.